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Wemanity's carbon footprint – Home-work commuting questionnaire

Dear cooperators,

Together, we are shaping a more sustainable future for Wemanity Group.

In partnership with Aktio, we are continuing our Carbon reduction journey through the Carbon Footprint 2023 assessment: For this, we need your valuable input!

Each of your answers is an essential piece of the puzzle, especially in the "Travel & Commute" category 💪

Take less than 4 minutes to share your commuting and teleworking habits. Each of your details will contribute to a more accurate estimate of our carbon impact.

Every question in both sections relates to the year 2023. Don't leave any question unanswered - even if you don't have an exact answer, a realistic approximation will help us greatly.

Let's work together to anticipate the results that will reinforce our commitment to sustainability.

Rest assured that you will be informed of the results of this calculation as soon as they are completed: they will reveal the impact of our actions and efforts compared to previous years.

We thank you warmly in advance for your participation 🙏

Your contribution is a significant step towards a greener, more responsible future.

Have a nice day,

The WeImpact team ✨🌍

*All responses will remain anonymous, respecting confidentiality.